Shooting Clays

ShootingClays was created to unlock all the clay pigeon shoots across the user to the public. It allows members of the public to search for clay pigeon shooting by location or by clay pigeon shooting near them.

Searching clay pigeon shoots by date/time & discipline

Furthermore, they can then filter the results by date and time the shoot is open and discipline, disciplines include: English Sporting, FITASC Sporting, English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, All Round, Down the line, Olympic Trap, Double Trap, ABT, Universal Trench, Sportrap and Helice.

Adding your clay pigeon shoot to ShootingClays

Any shoot can register/login and upload their site securely for free. They will need the following information in order to successfully list their shoot:

Favouriting clay pigeon shoots

Once a shoot has uploaded their shoot users will start seeing their listing if it is relevant to their search terms. Once a user has registered and logged in users can then favourite shoots to add them to their favourites list. This mean when a shoot makes key changes to their shoot the users that have favourited the shoot will be notified. Users can also message shoots through the ShootingClays messaging system.

If you have any feedback on errors, improvements or general comments please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

To plan your next days clay pigeon shooting, start searching below!.